We are Armstrong Burton

Architects, Masterplanners, Designers & Engineers… ABG has developed a diverse body of work including; commercial, residential, specialist care projects as well as master planning exercises.

Founded originally in 1960 the business evolved into ABG in 1996. The consultancy has produced innovative, beautiful, sustainable and practical architecture which creatively solves problems for clients.

We aim to bring value to all of our projects though clear analysis and well executed design. We approach every project with the same ambition that results in architecture that is appropriate, sustainable, contextual and contemporary.

Looking through our projects and you will see the same clients reappearing. We like to build long-lasting and trusting relationships that provide a bespoke client centred service, that’s why they ask us back for more and why they value our input into projects.

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What We Do

Feasibility Studies

An essential part of the design process, the feasibility studies that we are able to offer include the initial briefing discussion with our clients and site appraisal which allow a clear analysis of development proposals and likely effect on planning matters. Liaison with specialist consultants with whom we are able to fully collaborate will ensure our sketch layouts, massing models and feasibility reports achieve the thorough level of detail required to ensure success for our clients.


Having accrued masterplanning experience in decades of practice across the UK. We are able to offer masterplanning layouts and designs and can negotiate with Planning Authorities and statutory bodies to ensure the schemes we develop are not only best suited to our clients, but are successfully integrated into their local context. We are able to support through Public Consultation processes and provide well documented Statements of Community Involvement for all projects.


The quality of our surroundings has a direct influence on the quality of our lives, whether that is at home, in the workplace or in the public realm. Designing on this principle is embracing, ranging from the function and environmental performance to the physical and cultural context. With our areas of architecture primarily focusing on the residential sector we have built a broad portfolio of work including retirement homes, commercial and industrial developments that have allowed us to provide a bespoke client centred service.